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Why you Should Clean Your Dryer’s Lint Filter January 14, 2019

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Why you Should Clean Your Dryer’s Lint Filter, Lahaina, Hawaii

Each time you use your dryer, fabric fibers and particles are released and caught in the lint trap of your machine. Purging the lint accumulation is a critical step in appliance maintenance to keep your dryer working properly and your home safe. Here are a few reasons why cleaning the lint screen after every cycle is recommended by appliance service professionals.

Why Should You Clean the Dryer Filter?


Dryers rely on high heat to handle your laundry load, but the lint produced in each cycle is incredibly flammable. If you leave the lint in the trap, you risk igniting tiny, dust particles as your machine dries your clothes. Dryer fires are common in dirty machines and can be devastating to your property.

To further protect your home, call for appliance services twice per year to have the entire machine purged of all lint and dust accumulation. Since the lint trap only catches some of it, professional cleaning will ensure all contaminants are removed from hard-to-reach areas inside the machine and in the vent ducts.


appliance serviceWhen the lint trap is clogged, your machine must work harder to dry the load, leading to more energy expended and rising utility bills. If you unclog the filter after each use, there will always be optimal airflow out of the exhaust vent, and your clothing will dry quickly.

Routine cleaning also saves you money in appliance service repairs and replacements. The less wear and tear on your machine, the longer its lifespan will be. If you have trouble removing the lint or dryer sheets left behind on the mesh, soak the screen in hot water and a mild dishwashing soap, then scrub and rinse it, and air dry it before replacing it in the machine.


At MB Appliance, we ensure that your home appliances are in top shape and running well. For more than 25 years, our expert technician, Mario, has provided Lahaina and West Maui residents with reliable appliance service, repair, maintenance, and installation. Schedule a repair online or call (808) 669-6860 to speak with an experienced team member.

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