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What to Know about REM vs. Non-REM Sleep February 1, 2019

Mason, Warren
What to Know about REM vs. Non-REM Sleep, Mason, Ohio

High-quality sleep impacts your mood, cognitive function, physical abilities, and much more. Each night you need comfortable down bedding and pillows to ensure you go through all the stages of sleep. Understand how your body should move through non-REM and REM sleep to leave you feeling refreshed each morning.  

A Guide to the Stages of Sleep

Non-REM Sleep

down beddingWhen you first lay in your down bedding, you will begin moving through three stages of non-REM sleep. Stage N1 begins when you start drifting off and lasts for around five to 10 minutes. Your heart and breathing will begin to slow, but you can still be easily awakened in this stage by discomfort or a disturbance of your down bedding, such as young children trying to climb into bed with you. In stage N2—which is still considered a light sleep—your eyes stop moving, your muscles relax, and your heart rate slows. Though this initial stage lasts around 10 to 25 minutes, you’ll spend most of the night in this state.

Stage N3, or delta sleep, will last around 20 to 40 minutes. At this point it’s more difficult to wake you and if you do wake up from it, you’ll feel groggy for a while. Heart rate, breathing, and muscle activity continue to slow as blood pressure drops. This slow-wave, deep sleep is essential to waking up and feeling refreshed.

REM Sleep

You’ll enter REM or rapid eye movement sleep about 90 minutes after entering the N1 stage, and will continue to experience it through the night in cycles. The first cycle lasts around 10 minutes, and they will continue to get longer throughout the night. REM sleep earns its name from the fact that the eyes move quickly side to side while you sleep, which may be since this is the stage in which you dream. The brain processes the information it captured during the day, placing it in long-term memory. It’s essential for proper development in infants and children, as well as maintaining sharp mental skills through adulthood.


Comfort is key to moving through all these stages properly. DOWNLITE carries the high-quality down bedding, feather pillows, comforters, and more to ensure a full night’s sleep. Their products are all made in Ohio with the finest materials. And because they carry products used by hotels, you can utilize their online finder to find the products you enjoyed at your last hotel stay. You can also call them at (866) 931-3696 with any questions about their products.  

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