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4 Reasons Your Drain Field May Fail January 15, 2019

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4 Reasons Your Drain Field May Fail, Corbin, Kentucky

Your septic system plays an important role in your daily activities. If the drain field fails, however, it can quickly put a stop to some of those basic tasks, such as doing laundry and dishes. Understanding the drain field’s role and recognizing when it’s in danger are key to protecting the system at large. Here are three reasons that it may suffer.

Why the Drain Field Might Stop Performing

1. Tank Failure

When the septic tank itself is compromised, it can affect the drain field. A problem may develop if there’s a stubborn clog in a pipe or the effluent filter. Both of these issues prevent the tank from working properly, which means sewage can back up anywhere from the house to the drain field. Scheduling a septic cleaning appointment may resolve this problem.

2. Weight Damage

Corbin, KY septic systemYour septic system technician will usually warn against placing heavy items anywhere in the vicinity of the drain field. This includes cars, motorcycles, gardening equipment, or any type of structure that threatens the soil and the pipes below the surface.

3. Oversaturation

If the septic system is overused in any way, it can put a strain on the drain field. It’s not always due to standard usage, either—the problem may originate from a persistent leak, for example, or a water softener that isn’t working properly. When too much water is consumed, it means the tank has more to flush out. This may eventually overload the drain field. You can usually tell if this is the case by checking the condition of the grass. A lush, green lawn is a sign there’s a problem. It’s important to schedule regular septic pumping to prevent the tank from overflowing.

4. Advanced Age

With proper care and maintenance, the average drain field can last for as many as 25 years. Sometimes other conditions that occur over time can shorten the lifespan, though, such as poor soil quality or a rusty septic tank. A tree or plant nearby can also develop roots that invade the pipes and create blockages.


Are you concerned about the condition of your drain field? Trust in the experts at Dugger’s Septic Tank Cleaning in Corbin, KY, to determine the cause and fix it promptly. They’ve been the area’s septic specialists since 1962 and are proud to offer a range of extensive services. Whether it’s time to schedule septic cleaning, basic maintenance, or a drain field appointment, they can assist you. Visit the company’s website to learn about their septic system services, or call (606) 528-3893 to schedule an appointment.

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