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3 Ways to Address Roofing Damages After Hail January 16, 2019

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3 Ways to Address Roofing Damages After Hail, Northeast Dallas, Texas

In the wake of a hailstorm, your home’s roofing materials may show signs of damage, including leaks or punctures. The longer you put off dealing with storm damage roof repairs, the more likely your roofing issues will become more extensive—not to mention more expensive to fix. However, determining an action plan to resolve your dilemma while contemplating the potential cost of a roofing contractor may seem overwhelming, especially after experiencing a brush with inclement weather. If you suspect you may need to re-roof your home following a hailstorm—don’t panic. Here’s how you can assess the damages to ensure you get the best deal on quality roof repairs.

A Guide to Assessing Storm Damage Roof Repairs After a Hailstorm

1. Perform a Quick Inspection Yourself

Once the weather clears, visually inspect your roof for common signs of trouble. See if you notice any shingles that show signs of granule loss or that are warped, cracked, or missing all together. Additionally, take a look at metal features of your roofing, like the vents, gutters, downspouts, and exhaust pipes, and note any dents or dings you may observe. Though seemingly minor aesthetic flaws, these issues could potentially cause mold buildup, structural damage, flooding, or even lead to the total collapse of your home. 

2. Get in Touch With Your Insurance Companyroofing

If you notice damage on your roof, get in touch with your insurance company. They’ll send out a claims adjuster who will inspect your roof and provide a detailed analysis of all damages, including any underlying problems that aren’t readily visible. Additionally, you will learn what portion of the repairs you’ll need to cover. Don’t forget to ask your insurance company for information about in-network roofing companies; they should be able to connect with you a good storm damage roof repair team. 

3. Contact a Roofing Company

After the insurance company completes its inspection, it’s time to call a roofing contractor. To get the best deal on roof repairs, try finding a reputable roofer that’s also willing to work directly with your insurance company. A quality roofer will want to conduct their own inspection to further evaluate damages. Following the inspection, they will not hesitate to get going on your roof repairs, preventing existing damages from worsening while restoring your roof to its original condition.


Still unsure of how to best confront your roofing issue? Consult with 3 Kings Roofing & Contracting of Parker County, TX. With over two decades of experience, the reputable roofing company offers a wide range of restoration services, including storm damage roof repairs. To learn more about how these expert roofers approach hail damage, check out their website. You can also give them a call at (817) 874-7853 to set up a free at-home inspection.

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