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3 Benefits of Retail Recycling January 15, 2019

Carthage, Cincinnati
3 Benefits of Retail Recycling, Cincinnati, Ohio

Retail companies of all sizes and types can benefit from participating in a recycling program. From saving money to helping the environment, you can feel good about making this part of your business plan. See how doing so can maximize your budget and boost your reputation with the help of a recycling center.

Why All Retailers Should Be Recycling

1. Get Money Back

You can get good money for scrap metal when you turn them into a center. Prices for metal will vary depending on the current market, so you’ll need to call ahead to see what to expect. However, you can know that you’ll get the most from those no-longer-needed materials by adding something back into the budget, rather than just throwing it away.  

2. Benefit the Environment

recyclingEvery time you recycle, you’re saving the earth by keeping materials out of landfills. You also prevent the use of new materials and the energy that would be expended in creating those new items. As a result, recycling is key to reducing the impact of greenhouse gases and keeping landfill size under control.

3. Boost Your Brand

Consumers care about supporting environmentally friendly businesses. By taking on the practice of sending your used materials to the scrap yard — and perhaps taking on some other “green” initiatives — you can position your business as one that takes steps to protect the environment. This branding will boost sales by drawing in customers. After all, if a consumer has a choice between two similar businesses, they will choose the one with a mission they respect and support.


To make this easy yet effective change in your business, take your recycling to Byer Steel in Cincinnati, OH. This customer-oriented business has provided convenient, no-hassle solutions since 1937. Their clean facility allows convenient drive-through services with immediate payment for competitive prices offered for brass, aluminum, steel, iron, lead, and more. Find their location online and call (513) 948-0300 with any questions about their retail and industrial recycling solutions.

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