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How to Prevent Pet-Related Fires February 6, 2019

How to Prevent Pet-Related Fires, ,

As cute as pets may be, most are also incredibly curious of their surroundings. While this trait is usually endearing, it does raise the possibility that your four-legged friend may spark a fire while exploring. When this happens, you could require fire and water damage restoration services. To help keep your pet, family, and belongings safe, here are a few important fire safety tips every animal owner should consider.  

What Are Common Sources of Pet-Related Fires & How Should You Address Them?

A flickering candle can entice a pet—and may even prompt them to knock it over. And as fire and water damage restoration crews know, these small flames can turn into massive infernos in a matter of seconds. If you’re looking to prevent a pet-related candle fire, opt to keep your lit decor well out-of-reach of your creature companions. For even greater peace of mind, swap out all of your traditional candles for those that are lit by a safe, battery-powered flame.

fire and water damage restorationIf your dog “stands” against the oven or your cat crawls over the edge, their paws may accidentally nudge an oven knob and cause the appliance to ignite. Since this type of accident can easily happen while you’re not at home, you should remove the knobs or close off access to the kitchen whenever you’re away.

Electric cords can appear as an attractive plaything to both cats and dogs. In some cases, your pet may chew through the cord, presenting the risk of an electric fire. Damaged cords can also cause electric shock to your companion. For this reason, it is critical keep cords concealed or out-of-reach from any pets that like to scratch or chew.

How Can You Protect Your Pet in the Event of a Fire?

To ensure your companion will make it out of the house during an emergency, keep them near a convenient entranceway whenever you’re not home. If rescue crews arrive, your cat or dog will be the first ones out.

For the greatest peace of mind, keep an extra leash and essential pet medications in an easily accessible location. You should also have your pet Identified and microchipped so you can be contacted if your pet happens to run off during a fire and is found by strangers later on.


In addition to knowing how you’d protect your loved ones in a fire, it’s important to know how you’ll rebuild after such an event occurs. Providing residential fire and water damage restoration throughout the Anchorage, AK, area, Henry’s Services is a trusted resource that all local homeowners should know. Supported by advanced equipment, these professionals will clean and repair damaged areas of the home to ensure your family’s safety and comfort. Visit this home improvement service online to learn more about their fire and water damage restoration capabilities. Or, call (907) 344-4200 to speak with a caring home remodeling and restoration specialist.  

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