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3 Signs You May Need a New Well Pump January 15, 2019

Flathead Reservation, Lake
3 Signs You May Need a New Well Pump, Flathead Reservation, Montana

If you depend on a private well to provide your household with a fresh supply of water, you should have a basic knowledge of the system’s various components and how they work, so you can recognize when something is amiss. Familiarizing yourself with the well pump is particularly important, as it’s responsible for drawing water from the ground and delivering it to your home. Without a properly functioning well pump, you will have trouble getting an adequate amount of water out of your faucets. Here are some of the most common signs of a failing pump.

When Is It Time for a Well Pump Replacement?

1. Continuous Running 

Well pumps are not designed to run constantly. They have a pressure switch that should regulate their activity. A pump that never shuts off will hike up your electricity bill, fill your pressure tank at a rate it can’t handle, and put unnecessary strain on your piping system. If your pump is continuously running, it may be struggling to get water up to the surface, the switch might be flawed, or there could be internal damages. 

2. Dirty Water  

well pumpA well pump that’s in good condition will discharge crystal clear water. If the water coming out of your faucets has a brown or yellow tint to it, this is a clue the pump has been infiltrated with dirt, rust, soil, or other contaminants. Polluted water shouldn’t be used, so your pump will require an upgrade before you can drink, bathe, do laundry, or wash dishes. 

3. Low Water Pressure 

Unusually low water pressure is another indication your pump is not operating at full capacity. If you start to notice the flow from your faucets slow down, it could be because the pump is having a hard time pushing out enough water. This is likely due to a faulty pressure switch mechanism or your current pump not being big enough to accommodate the increase in demand.


If you have encountered any of these problems with your well pump, don’t wait to have it professionally inspected. Dave and Jay Bick, the brothers behind Ace Drilling, offer more than three decades of combined industry experience and can help determine if you need a pump replacement. They will identify the products most suitable for your system to ensure it runs at peak performance. As a family-owned and -operated company, they are committed to making sure residents in and around Polson, MT, can maintain a consistent supply of quality water. Call (406) 883-3300 to schedule service, or visit them online for more information on getting a new well pump.

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