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3 Life Milestones That Are Perfect for White Dove Releases January 15, 2019

Elsmere, Covington
3 Life Milestones That Are Perfect for White Dove Releases, Covington, Kentucky

Equal parts cinematic and inspiring, white dove releases can make any special occasion memorable. But since this symbolic act is often only associated with weddings and funerals, many have yet to discover all the other opportunities that are perfect for a bird release. To illustrate just how versatile this sentimental practice can be, here are three major life milestones that pair perfectly with releasing white doves.  

3 Special Occasions When You Might Release White Doves

1. Religious Rites

The white dove is closely connected to the ideas of purity and peace — two values that are frequently involved with religious rites and ceremonies. Whether you’re hosting a baptism or a first communion, releasing these birds will add a tasteful touch to your celebration.

2. Graduations

white doveWhether for a high school or university class, white dove releases are the perfect way to close a graduation event and set the tone for students’ futures. The anticipation of the release will mirror the building sense of accomplishment felt by scholars, their educators, and families. 

3. Retirements

While graduations are designed to look to the future, retirements are major milestones in which friends and families reflect on a loved one’s professional accomplishments. While closing the chapter of one’s career can be bittersweet, the dispersal of birds will showcase all of the retiree’s hard work and how they touched the lives of others. Attendees will get a sense of how this celebrated individual persisted and prevailed over the years.


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