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3 Benefits of Placing Mirrors in Your Home January 15, 2019

Macedonia, Summit
3 Benefits of Placing Mirrors in Your Home, Macedonia, Ohio

Interior decorating showcases your unique taste and is largely personal. Yet, there are some universal principles that can be applied to any indoor aesthetic. For instance, decorating with mirrors is an ideal way to transform any space, from living rooms to hallways and bathrooms. Discover some advantages of using these decorative elements in your home below.

3 Benefits of Using Mirrors to Decorate Your Interior

1. Open Up Your Space

The very nature of mirrors is to reflect the space opposite of where they are placed. To that end, they are the ultimate decorations for any area where you’d like to create the illusion of more space. Narrow hallways, powder rooms, and any other smaller areas become instantly larger with mirrors. You can even situate large, floor-length mirrors behind pieces of furniture, such as entry tables, to open up traditionally tight spaces.

2. Add More Light

mirrorsPlacing a mirror strategically near a light source magnifies its illumination. If you’d like to maximize the effects of a window to add more light into your home, simply situate a large mirror opposite the window. You can also add one behind a light source, such as a bedside lamp, candle, or pendant light. Doing so will expand the reach of the light for a dazzling, brighter effect.

3. Populate Blank Spaces

While some bareness on walls can create an open, airy appearance, too much blank space can appear clinical and cold. Mirrors are an ideal solution for occupying wall space without creating a “closed in” look. You won’t have to worry about them matching with anything else, as they’re versatile enough to complement any type of existing décor. For instance, a midsized piece with a border in a bold hue would fit a shabby chic living room or office, while a larger model with a rustic wooden frame would suit any farmhouse style interior.


As the trusted source for custom mirrors in Summit County, OH, The Glass Guru of Macedonia specializes in decorative, beveled, and framed or unframed options. Their talented team can also provide mirrored walls and doors to transform bathrooms and bedrooms into gorgeous, spacious, and inviting environments. Browse through their complete list of options by visiting their website or call (330) 467-5318 for an estimate.

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