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3 Ways to Enhance Your Home's Front Door Security January 15, 2019

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Home's Front Door Security, Harrison, Arkansas

Any home security system must take into account the most obvious entrance: the front door. If an intruder is desperate enough to break into your home, they’ll attempt to do so by any means necessary, even if it means tampering with a door that’s in plain sight. Below are a few tips for maximizing security around the front of your home. 

3 Tips to Maximize Your Front Door Security

1. Install a Burglar Alarm

Install an alarm on your front door and all other access points to ensure the most protection for your home and family. A home security system can alert you, your neighbors, and authorities to a break-in. Most systems are equipped with loud sirens and strobe lights. As technology has advanced, many burglar alarms today can be linked with your smartphone and other devices to inform you of a burglary in real-time.

2. Utilize CCTV Cameras

home securityClosed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are an excellent way of monitoring what's happening outside your front door. Be sure to post the camera from a vantage point that is far enough away to offer a thorough view of the front door, but close enough to pick up identifying details of anyone who comes within view. A home security professional will help you mount the camera at an ideal distance for both safety and effective monitoring and identification.

3. Turn on Lights

Lights outside the front door can also be an efficient burglar deterrent. If you're concerned about leaving lights on all the time, motion detectors will make sure they come on whenever anyone approaches the front door. Seeing bright lights, combined with a mounted CCTV camera or a home alarm system sticker, can sometimes be enough to stop a break-in before it starts.


Safeguarding your front door should be considered an essential part of your home security. Tempo Fire and Security offers all of the above options and more to residents throughout Harrison, AR, and the surrounding areas. They’re committed to helping you find affordable solutions that keep your home and family safe. Visit them online to learn more about their products, or call (870) 741-1331 to speak to a friendly member of the team today. 

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