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6 Components of a Pre-Ride Motorcycle Inspection January 17, 2019

Roswell, Fulton
6 Components of a Pre-Ride Motorcycle Inspection, Roswell, Georgia

As any motorcycle mechanic will tell you, a pre-ride inspection should be performed before every outing on your bike. Whether you're going around the corner or across the country, a comprehensive inspection beforehand will ensure your motorcycle is in safe operating condition. To shed more light on this subject, below is an overview of the six parts of a pre-ride inspection.

6 Components to Check in Your Pre-Ride Motorcycle Inspection

1. Tires

First, check the pressure in each tire. Follow this with a visual inspection to make sure there are no holes, cuts, bulges, or small embedded objects. While you're looking at the tires, shift your attention to the wheels. Are the spokes tight? Are the bearing seals intact? Does the wheel spin freely and without issue? Test out the brakes as well. They should be firm to the touch with no leaks or links in the cables or hoses.

2. Controls

motorcycle mechanicThe levers, cables, hoses, and throttle should all be in working order. Pivots and end shafts need to be lubed; positioning, routing, and adjustments should all be appropriate; and no leaks or damage should be visible. In addition, make sure the throttle snaps closed easily when it’s released.

3. Lights

The lighting system of a bike is crucial to both your safety and the safety of everyone else on the road. Test out brake lights, taillights, and headlights; clean dirt and condensation from lenses and reflectors; and see that all wiring is tight and unfrayed. Also, make sure all connections to and from the battery are secure.

4.  Oil

Next, you should check your bike’s oil and fluid levels. The oil should be at an adequate level and should be amber in color. If it looks dark, black, or cloudy, take your bike to a motorcycle mechanic for an oil change. Don't forget to check the gas gauge, as well, to make sure you have enough fuel to get to your destination. 

5. Chassis

Do a once-over on the frame to see if there’s any visible damage, such as paint cracking or peeling. Lift the wheels off the floor, grab the lower fork legs, and move them around to feel for any loose parts. Repeat this on the rear wheels. Turn the fork to see if there are any bearing issues. The suspension should be smooth with no leaks, and the chain and belt should have proper amounts of tension. Clips, fasteners, and pins need to be in place and undamaged.

6. Kickstands

The sidestand and centerstand must both retract firmly. Be mindful of any bends or damage that could threaten their integrity. If any issues are present, call a motorcycle mechanic before getting on your bike.


To remember all the points of a pre-ride inspection, memorize the acronym TCLOCK: tires, controls, lights, oils, chassis, and kickstands. Should you find anything in need of repair, contact the experienced motorcycle mechanics at G&G Cycles of Roswell for prompt service. Serving Fulton County, GA, and surrounding areas, the motorcycle repair shop services Harley Davidsons® and metric motorcycles. Visit them online to view more of their services, or call (678) 680-8483 to schedule an appointment today. For more tips and shop updates, like them on Facebook.