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What Can I Expect From an Acne Facial Treatment? January 15, 2019

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
What Can I Expect From an Acne Facial Treatment?, Manhattan, New York

Acne can happen at any age. For many, it can cause them to lose confidence in their appearance. Fortunately, getting a men’s facial can improve the look and feel of your skin while boosting your self-esteem. Here’s a guide for what to expect during this treatment so you’re prepared for your journey to better skin.

5 Steps Involved in an Acne Facial Treatment

1. Intake

First, you’ll fill out a consultation form mentioning skincare issues, allergies, and your current skincare routine. Then, a skincare expert will assess your face to learn what areas experience the most acne, oil, and sweat. After gaining this information and discussing the form, they’ll have you remove your shirt.

2. Cleansing

Then, the esthetician will clean your face with a mild cleanser to reduce redness and limit inflammation. You may also experience a steam treatment to soften the pores so they are easier to manipulate. Then, it’s time for exfoliation to clean deep into the pores.

3. Extraction

Next, the esthetician will use special dermatology tools to apply pressure on clogged pores and remove built-up dirt, skin cells, and sweat. Some also use glycolic or salicylic acid to clean the skin after the extraction process. You can often see the difference right after this step as blackheads and whiteheads are removed. 

4. Mask & Oil

men's facial New York NYFinally, the skincare expert may apply a facemask to hydrate dry skin, further encourage acne removal, or dry up facial oils. To top off the experience, the esthetician might offer a massage to leave your skin glowing and beautiful.

People don’t often experience side effects after a men’s facial, but there may be slight inflammation of the skin that resides within several hours of the treatment.

5. Skincare Maintenance

While one appointment will leave you feeling refreshed, it’s important to get men’s facials regularly to improve skin and reduce acne. The esthetician will also offer advice on a personalized skin care regimen to follow at home in between visits. 


If you’re ready to have healthier, clearer skin, set up an appointment with New Paradise Men’s Spa in New York for an acne facial. Located in Hell’s Kitchen, the spa offers massages, hair removal, manicures, and pedicures to leave you looking and feeling your best. Call (646) 559-1621 or visit the website for information on their men’s facial offerings and to check out their Tuesday and Thursday 15% off discounts on massages.

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