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Reasons to Choose Asphalt Over Concrete January 16, 2019

Kalispell, Flathead
Reasons to Choose Asphalt Over Concrete, Kalispell, Montana

Quality paving around your property is important for both safety and curb appeal. While concrete is a durable option, asphalt offers an array of benefits that outweigh the other material and make it a top choice for driveways and parking lots. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding asphalt to your property.

Why You Should Select Asphalt

1. Flexibility

Concrete becomes stiff and prone to cracking once it’s dry, especially if the under layer is compromised or poorly laid; however, asphalt is more forgiving. Even if sublayers have imperfections, the material remains strong and intact despite any issues. This is due to the characteristics of bitumen, a dark, sticky binding agent made from crude oil.

2. Durability

Concrete is prone to flaking in frigid weather, but asphalt handles extreme temperatures and precipitation better due to its flexibility and darker color. Its flexibility allows the surface to contract and expand with the temperature as needed. Additionally, its tough construction and quality sealcoating create a durable surface with a rich color that can withstand the heavy weight of trucks.

3. Easy Repair

asphaltIf sections of your asphalt must be removed or replaced, the process is simple compared to concrete repair. This 100% recyclable product can be repaired in a matter of hours, especially if the damage is minor. Large repair work can be done in half the time it would take to remove and replace sections of concrete. New material is laid over old area, and imperfections are filled in with the fresh material.

4. Affordability

Since asphalt installation and repair are relatively quick processes, the material is much more affordable than other paving options. Also, its durability adds years to its lifespan, especially if it’s maintained and cleaned regularly, making it a more cost-effective investment over concrete.

5. Stain Masking

The dark color traps heat better to keep the surface ice-free and hides stains from vehicles and other traffic. Oil stains aren’t as visible on blacktop parking lots and driveways. When car fluids hit concrete, the stains are unsightly and will degrade your property’s curb appeal.


If you’re thinking about adding this fantastic material to your property, contact the professionals at Crone Pro Seal in Flathead Valley, MT. For 32 years, this locally owned and operated company has also provided commercial-grade sealcoating to refresh asphalt and protect it from future trouble. Send a message online or call (406) 752-1267 for an estimate.

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