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How to Crush an Escape Room January 15, 2019

St. Peters, St. Charles
How to Crush an Escape Room, St. Peters, Missouri

An escape room is an exciting and unique full-immersion adventure game that’s become very popular at family fun centers. The object of the experience is to locate clues and work as a team to discover a secret plot and ultimately find your way out before time runs out. Whether you’re going to an escape room with friends or as a team building activity with co-workers, embrace the suggestions below to make it out with time to spare!

4 Tips for Mastering an Escape Room

1. Communicate With Your Group

With a deadline and multiple clues to discover, it’s easy to immerse yourself in one particular aspect of the game. Unfortunately, if you work independently, odds are you won’t finish the game! Instead, prioritize teamwork. Any time you find a clue or have a theory, talk to your entire group. It’s the fastest way to solve the puzzle. 

2. Clues May Be Found Out of Order

escape roomThe escape room experience is different for every group that enters. As such, remind yourself that clues can be discovered in many different ways. Don’t stay tied to a particular sequence. Gather clues and puzzles and work with your group to find the appropriate order. 

3. Look at the Big Picture

Often, groups become focused on finding hidden clues and riddles. By constantly searching for mystery, you might miss important details that are hidden in plain sight. When you get frustrated, take a breath and look at the big picture. Reviewing your existing clues and absorbing what’s right in front of you could unlock an important piece. 

4. Stay Positive

As time ticks on and you’re no closer to your escape, it’s common for individuals to get frustrated and want to give up. Remember, it’s only a game, and the entire situation is meant to be fun, immersive, and community-building. Stay positive and don’t forget that every tool required to play is somewhere inside that room. 


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