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A Helpful Guide to Speech Therapy January 15, 2019

Church Point, Acadia
A Helpful Guide to Speech Therapy, Church Point, Louisiana

Speech therapy is something no one thinks about until they need it. That makes connecting with a speech therapist more intimidating than it needs to be. Whether looking for short-term therapy, child speech therapy, or physical therapy of any kind, responsible therapists will make the process as simple and direct as possible.

Speech Therapy FAQ

How do I get started with a speech therapist?

Call for an assessment. You can’t know what services you or your child needs until you’ve been examined by a professional. This will ensure specific needs are being properly addressed.

How long will an assessment at a speech clinic take?

Assessments are as unique as you are, so there’s no set time. But, assessing children at early school age and below often takes two to three hours. Assessment for older children and adults can take four to five hours and are often split into two sessions for the convenience of the patient. It doesn’t all have to happen at once.

What happens after an assessment?

You’ll receive a detailed report explaining, in both medical and layman’s terms, what the issues are and what the recommended course of treatment is. This will give some insight into the condition and who you can turn to for optimal care.

How do I know if my child needs a speech therapist?

The signs differ depending on the child’s age and symptoms. But, a lack of interest in speech, limited sound production, and groping movements are all signs you should get a diagnosis from a child speech therapist.


No matter what kind of injury or speech affliction you have, The Road Home Therapy Center, in Church Point, LA, offers leading personalized care. Since 1978, they’ve specialized in short-term, occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Visit their website or call their office at (337) 684-6318 for a consultation.

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