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What Does Standing All Day Do to Your Feet? January 14, 2019

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What Does Standing All Day Do to Your Feet?, High Point, North Carolina

If your job requires you to stand the majority of the time, it can increase your risk of heel pain and other foot issues, especially if you don’t have proper posture. That’s why it’s crucial to take special care of your feet to minimize these issues. Here’s a detailed overview of the effects of standing all day and how you can minimize the strain.

What Foot Issues Can Occur From Standing All Day?

If you stand for most of the day, the muscles and joints in your feet and legs can get fatigued and not support you the way they’re supposed to. As a result, you may feel discomfort from your toes up to your thighs and develop calluses, bunions, heel pain, or other problems. Heel pain can be especially debilitating and make it difficult to do everyday tasks.

heel painStanding all day can also restrict blood flow to the muscles in your legs. When this happens, you can develop varicose veins on your legs, which can be very painful.

How Can You Prevent Foot Issues Caused by Standing?

Wear Supportive Shoes

If you have to stand for long periods of time, it’s imperative to have the proper shoes on your feet. Choose shoes that are wide and long enough at the toes, provide arch support, and feel comfortable immediately. Ask your foot doctor for specific recommendations that line up well with the type of work you do.

Do Circulation Exercises

Taking periodic breaks for circulation exercises can reduce strain on your feet and prevent injuries and heel pain. Try rolling a tennis ball under your feet and performing lunges to loosen up the muscles in your feet and legs.

Add Cushion to Hard Floors

Hard floors can be extra rough on your feet. If you have to stand on hardwood flooring for long periods of time at your job, ask for a rubber mat for cushioning.


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