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3 Perks of Having Pet Insurance January 14, 2019

Easley, Pickens
3 Perks of Having Pet Insurance, Easley, South Carolina

With every happy tail wag and cozy purr, dogs and cats provide unconditional love to their families. Since many pet owners consider the animals their babies, it’s heartbreaking when illness and other unexpected health issues cause them pain. To provide relief during these stressful times, pet insurance helps pay for recovery costs. Here are several reasons why this unique form of health insurance is worth having.

3 Reasons to Get a Pet Insurance Policy

1. Reduces Out-of-Pocket Vet Expenses

More than $17 billion was spent on veterinary costs in 2017, according to the American Pet Products Association. From vaccines and well-care visits to surgeries, treatment can be expensive. The way most pet insurance plans works is the policyholder pays for the vet expenses, submits a claim to the provider, and is reimbursed. Similar to some health insurance policies, pet owners can choose their coverage amount and what products and services are included in the plan.

2. Covers Unexpected Illnesses & Accidents

pet insuranceDogs and cats are just as susceptible to getting sick as humans. Unfortunately, they experience cancer, allergies, joint problems, heart disease, and other unexpected illnesses. For peace of mind, pet insurance provides coverage to treat a host of conditions. This includes medicine, surgery, follow-up visits, and rehab.

Your policy also covers accidents such as broken limbs and lacerations. If you’ve noticed your furry companion is behaving unusually, you won’t have to guess about the culprit. With this special health insurance, you won’t have to debate whether or not to visit your vet for a proper diagnosis.

3. Provides Additional Services

Depending on the pet insurance policy, some may even cover services such as boarding and grooming. If you’re going on vacation and the destination in question doesn’t allow pets, you won’t have to scramble around trying to find a sitter. You can also keep your dog or cat impeccably groomed with regular haircuts, nail trims, and other services to keep them clean and healthy.


If you’re a pet owner, you want to ensure your dog or cat is physically and emotionally healthy. Affordable and reliable pet insurance is the solution for giving them the medical care they need. Since 1960, The Assurance Group in Thomasville, NC, has been the region’s trusted agency for comprehensive coverage from the nation’s leading carriers. The team of professional and friendly agents is committed to getting you the best rates for your budget. Give them a call today at (336) 475-2128 for a free pet insurance quote. You can also request one online, where you’ll find information on the full suite of products and services. For your convenience, the agency serves all of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia with several locations.

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