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Can You Conduct Water Well Drilling in Winter? January 14, 2019

Medary, La Crosse County
Can You Conduct Water Well Drilling in Winter?, Medary, Wisconsin

Because of the cold weather and snowy conditions, many homeowners are unsure if the winter season is the right time for water well drilling. Even though the snow can present some challenges, the reality is that winter drilling also offers advantages. Here’s a guide to why it makes sense to break ground on your well during the cold season. 

What Is Water Well Drilling? 

After inspectors deem an area suitable as a water supply, the next step is to begin water well drilling so the source of H2O can be accessed. Using heavy drilling machinery, professionals will bore through soil and rock to create a pathway into the ground. The drilling won’t stop until the machinery reaches below the water table — that helps ensure that the supply will be ample for the many years to come. Once the crew reaches that point, they’ll start installing casings to secure the stability of the site. 

Does It Make Sense to Do During Winter?

water well drillingEven though the ground will become harder due to the cold weather, that isn’t a problem for the powerful drills. Since they’re capable of boring through rock, frozen ground is not a meaningful obstacle. In fact, having a tougher ground means that the project may create less of a mess.

While severe snow storms and ice coverings can slow a drilling project down, other moments in the winter are perfectly suitable for the job. Since it’s not a high-demand time, you’re likely to get your pick of drilling crews and get a head start on the building construction which makes more sense to begin when the weather thaws. As an added perk, you’ll already have water available from your well by the time those construction crews break ground. 


If you’re considering adding well to your property, it’s smart to work with an experienced water well drilling specialist like Affordable Pump & Well Repair in La Crosse, WI. With over four decades of experience, the locally owned and operated well-drilling contractor will help you install a seamless well system. You can find out about their availability by calling (608) 788-6451. Learn more about the water well service company by visiting their website

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