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3 Circumstances That Need a Process Server January 16, 2019

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3 Circumstances That Need a Process Server, Honolulu, Hawaii

When papers and documents must be delivered to parties involved in certain types of actions, a process server ensures they receive them legally. Without accomplishing proper service and filing proof in court, cases can be delayed or dismissed. In instances such as the ones below, process servers play an integral part in helping parties pursue or defend their claims.

Times When a Process Server is Required

1. Filing for Legal Separation or Divorce

To begin a legal separation or divorce proceeding in court, a petitioner must file a complaint and serve it and a summons on the other spouse. If the receiving spouse is not willing to sign an acknowledgment of service, a process server must serve the documents on the spouse and file a return of service with the court.    

process-server-Honolulu-HI2. Filing Personal Injury Lawsuits

When individuals or their attorneys file personal injury lawsuits, process servers are useful in serving the opposing party. Parties being sued may be difficult to locate, but experienced process servers are knowledgeable and diligent in carrying out their responsibilities of document delivery.

3. Petitioning for Temporary Restraining Orders

An individual seeking a temporary restraining order against a spouse or other individual must serve notice of the petition and hearing date on the person to be restrained. Process servers ensure these important papers go directly to the proper individuals so they can respond according to the legal requirements. 


A process server is essential to ensuring certain legal actions can go forward in court. When you need reliable and experienced individuals to serve your legal documents, trust AAA Legal Process in Honolulu, HI. These experienced professionals cover all islands, offering dependable and professional legal services including process serving, court filing, and notary services. State-regulated professionals handle your document service needs efficiently and promptly. Call (844) 734-8344 to schedule an appointment or send a message online now.

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