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3 Tips for Returning to Work After a Loss January 24, 2019

East Haven, New Haven County
3 Tips for Returning to Work After a Loss, East Haven, Connecticut

It can feel like the world stops after losing a loved one. Continuing your regular schedule after the funeral is an important part of the recovery process, however, and that includes returning to work. While that can seem like a daunting prospect, there are proven steps you can take to help you ease back into your routine. Here are a few to start with.

Steps for Returning to Work While Grieving

1. Establish a Go-To Person

It’s completely normal to cry and have emotional moments, which is why it’s wise to plan around the prospect. Talking to someone can be extremely helpful, so designate a go-to person at work that you can confide in. HR representatives are extremely helpful, and a close boss or co-worker can also help support as needed. Speak with them ahead of time so they’ll be able to anticipate you needing assistance.

2. Share Only What You Want

funeral-porto-funeral-homes In some ways, you may feel obligated to tell co-workers about the loss, funeral, and what you’re going through. Remember, though, that it’s your personal business and that you don’t have to answer questions. Sometimes, it can be too difficult to discuss the loss publically. Only tell what you’re comfortable with and don’t be afraid to politely ask for space as needed.

3. Take Your Time

If possible, use all of your bereavement days, either at once or spread out. If needed, sick or vacation days may also work. Rushing back into work can be difficult after the funeral. You may find it hard to focus, which can get in the way of projects. Ease back in and don’t take on too much work. Your co-workers will be able to help where needed and you’ll find it easier to manage emotions going at a comfortable pace.


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