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Co-Signing a Bail Bond for Your Child? What Parents Need to Know January 14, 2019

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Co-Signing a Bail Bond for Your Child? What Parents Need to Know, Silver Hill, North Carolina

When your adult child has been accused of a crime, posting bail might be the only way to get them out of jail until their case is over. Unfortunately, many families don’t have the resources to post bail themselves, so you’ll likely need to co-sign a bail bond to secure their release. Below are a few things every parent should know before taking on this responsibility.

What You Should Know About Co-Signing a Bail Bond for Your Child

Bail Bondsmen Can Get Your Child Out of Jail

The best bail bond agencies have strong working relationships with detention centers throughout the area, so they know exactly what to do to get your child out as quickly as possible. While they’ll post the entire bail amount, you’ll be required to pay a fee, which the agency keeps in exchange for their services. In North Carolina, the bail bondsman’s fee is regulated by the state government and set at 15%.

You’ll Be Responsible for Ensuring Your Child Makes Their Court Dates

bail bondCo-signing for a bail bond is essentially a promise that the defendant will appear at all of their court dates, including pre-trial hearings, the trial, and the sentencing. If they fail to show up, the bond agency will likely come after you for the money they’ve lost, potentially seizing property or filing a lawsuit of their own.

Being Supportive Means Looking Out for Their Long-Term Interests

As a parent, you’ll want to do everything possible to protect your children. When they’ve been accused of a crime, being supportive can mean focusing on their long-term interests instead of their short-term fears. After posting bail, make sure they appear at all court dates, help them look into programs that will reflect positively on them during the trail—such as community service—and consider hiring an attorney who can provide a legal defense and negotiate with prosecutors on their behalf.


If your child or another family member is stuck behind bars anywhere in the Lexington, NC, area, Allied Bonding Company provides the service and expertise you need. They understand how difficult and stressful this experience can be and will do everything possible to secure your loved one’s release as quickly as possible. Visit their website for more on their services or call (336) 239-2270 to talk to a bail bonds agent and get immediate help.

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