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3 Urgent Steps to Take When You Spill Water on a Laptop January 15, 2019

Charleston, Staten Island
3 Urgent Steps to Take When You Spill Water on a Laptop, Staten Island, New York

Time is of the essence when liquid and electronics meet. Fortunately, there are crucial steps you can take to minimize damage. By using the tips below, you can be confident laptop repair professionals will get your computer back in working order quickly.

What to Do When You Spill Water on a Laptop

1. Turn It Off & Unplug It

Before anything else, press the power button to make sure the laptop completely off and not in standby mode. If it’s plugged into a wall outlet or mobile charger, unplug it right away. The electronics inside are extremely sensitive, so you want to remove all possibilities of the water meeting an electrical current. This step can be the difference between minimal and significant internal damage for laptop repair professional to fix.

2. Dry It Out

laptop-repair-alpha-laser-richmondOnce the device is off, wipe all visible water from its surfaces. Also, turn it over and carefully shake it so that as much water as possible comes out. Never use a blow-dryer or heat source to dry it; these can cause serious damage to the internal parts. If you’ve spilled soda, juice, and other sugary drinks, this is especially important, as they can be corrosive.

3. See a Laptop Repair Professional Immediately

Is your computer still not working? While it can be tempting to try DIY repair methods, it’s best to put your laptop in the hands of the professionals. They’ll have all the tools to safely open and examine your computer, as well as extensive experience with water damage. They can identify any repairs that are needed and then address them accordingly so you get the best results. Many laptop repair professionals offer emergency services, so take full advantage as soon as possible.


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