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How to Prevent and Solve Frozen Garage Door Issues January 7, 2019

Milwaukee, Milwaukee
How to Prevent and Solve Frozen Garage Door Issues, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The onset of winter means freezing temperatures and snow and ice accumulations for many residents of Wisconsin. The combination of these conditions can translate into “frozen” garage doors that are unable to be opened when water gathers under the rubber seal at the bottom of the door. The good news is that there are steps you can take to prevent this problem from becoming an issue.

Alleviating Frozen Garage Door Problems

garage doorIf you notice that your garage door is frozen, avoid repeatedly using your electrical controls to try to open it. This can lead to excess motor strain and necessitate repair services. Instead, pull the emergency release cord to open the door manually. This cord usually has a red handle that hangs from the door assembly and will disengage the electrical controls. After pulling the handle, try to open the door by hand.

If the door still doesn’t budge, use an ice scraper to break up the ice that formed around the base of the door. Alternately, use a heat gun if you have one. A heat gun aimed at the bottom of the door can help melt ice and allow you to lift the door.

Preventing Problems in the Future

A garage door repair specialist can replace the weather seal on the bottom of your door if it is cracked or damaged. This helps prevent warmer air from the garage from leaking out and melting outside snow, which causes ice deposits to form. Have a garage heater installed to prevent ice buildups. Finally, having a repair tech apply a lubricant to your door’s tracks, rollers, and hinges can prevent these components from freezing and make it easier to unstick your garage.


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