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What to Know About Private Surf Lessons January 14, 2019

Lahaina, Maui
What to Know About Private Surf Lessons, Lahaina, Hawaii

Whether you were born and raised by the ocean or have fantasized about living near one for years, you might’ve imagined the thrill of riding a wave. But what really goes into surfing, and is it possible for anyone to learn? If you’re interested in “hanging ten,” but skeptical on how to get there, consider the answers to these frequently asked questions about private surf lessons.

FAQ About Private Surf Lessons

1. Is It Dangerous?

While professional surfers face hazards such as towering waves and sharp coral reefs, beginners won’t be exposed to these risks. You’ll start on small waves, getting your feel for the board and the way the ocean moves. If you fall, the water will prevent you from getting the cuts and bruises you would on land.

2. What Will I Learn During Private Surf Lessons?

private surf lessonsDuring a private session, you’ll receive one-on-one attention from a skilled surfing instructor. They’ll start by teaching you how to paddle, push up, and stand up on the board while safely on the sandy beach. Then, you’ll move out onto the water and work your way toward riding a wave. If you continue taking multiple lessons, your instructor can start to teach you different methods of surfing, as well as tricks.

3. Is It a Good Workout?

While you might not notice it due to the natural adrenaline rush, surfing is an amazing workout. As you paddle through the water with your head held high, you’ll tone your back and arms, and you’ll work your core and legs as you stand up and try to stay balanced. Luckily, with the cool water to catch you, you won’t even feel like you’re sweating.

4. What Should I Bring?

In almost all cases, your surfing instructor will provide the board. You should come dressed in a swimsuit and a rashguard, a shirt which will prevent the friction against your skin and the board from causing irritation. It’s also important to wear sunscreen, as the water will reflect the sun’s UV rays toward you.


If you’re interested in taking private surf lessons, get in touch with LahAina Surf Shack in Lahaina, HI. They offer 24-hour gear rentals with their lessons, so you can continue to work on your skills even after the class has finished. To learn more about this locally owned company, visit the website or call (808) 661-2700 to arrange a private surf lesson for you and a friend.

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