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4 Tips for Safely Storing Holiday Decorations January 14, 2019

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4 Tips for Safely Storing Holiday Decorations, Lexington, South Carolina

The holiday season has come to an end, which means it’s also time to put your festive decorations away for the year. Many homeowners choose to put their ornaments and other seasonal items in a storage unit during the offseason. The key is to pack them properly so that they maintain their integrity and continue to serve you well for years to come. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Store Your Holiday Decorations Properly

Lexington, SC storage1. Use Separate Boxes

You’ll have the most success if you pack similar items together. For example, combining strings of lighting with wreaths could create quite a tangled mess when you attempt to retrieve everything next season. Labeling each box will also help everything stay organized in self-storage.

2. Wrap the Ornaments

Some ornaments are light and unbreakable, but many families have valuable, delicate decorations that require some extra care. Take the time to wrap these individually in thick layers of tissue paper. You might even add some bubble wrap if you’re particularly concerned about their fragility. Nestle these pieces in a box that is labeled “fragile” so that you can take precautions when retrieving them later.

3. Protect the Wreaths

Wreaths are generally best kept in their original packaging or a hat box. If it’s particularly delicate, you can suspend it from a wire hanger and add a couple of twist ties to secure it. Then cover it in plastic—a trash bag works well—to safeguard it from dust and debris.

4. Safeguard the Lights

Lights can be frustrating to put away in storage units because there’s never a guarantee that they won’t come out in tangles months later. The trick is to use a piece of cardboard approximately the size of a magazine. Cut a small slit on one side and begin wrapping the wire from that opening and around the cardboard until it’s complete. You can then tuck the loose end underneath the wire. Wrap some tissue paper around the board if you’re concerned about breakage, then place it in a storage box.


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