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4 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for New Relationships January 14, 2019

Greenway - Upper Kirby, Houston
4 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for New Relationships, Houston, Texas

Most people who are in a long-term relationship know their partner’s interests and preferences well enough to buy a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. However, it can be challenging to choose a gift for someone you recently began dating. If you recently started seeing someone new and aren’t sure what you should get them for the upcoming holiday, here are some ideas.

Valentine’s Day Gifts to Buy Early in a Relationship

1. Funny Mug

When you’re giving a gift, it’s a perfect opportunity to display your sense of humor. Purchase a mug that includes a funny saying or inside joke. The gift will make them laugh, but they can also use the mug every morning for their coffee or tea.

2. Event Tickets

long term relationshipMany people prefer experiences over possessions. If that sounds like your date, buy them tickets to their favorite sports team’s next home game or for an upcoming concert or play. It may even be something you can enjoy together.

3. Games You Can Play Together

If you want to choose a gift you can both enjoy, purchase a fun board or card game. There are plenty of funny and unique games available, so it’s a perfect option if you want to get them something lighthearted that they’ll also get some use out of.

4. Books

Books make wonderful gifts for everyone. In a new relationship, stick with an author or genre you know they’re interested in, or share one of your favorite books that they’ve never read before. This can lead to more connections and conversations going forward.


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