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4 Tips for Maintaining Your Eyelash Extensions January 7, 2019

Sterne Park, Southwest Arapahoe
4 Tips for Maintaining Your Eyelash Extensions, Southwest Arapahoe, Colorado

If you have eyelash extensions, you know what a difference they can make. In addition to adding volume and length, they also offer the benefit of longevity. They tend to last through the natural growth cycle of your lashes, which is approximately six to eight weeks. However, certain habits can cause them to show their age faster. The guide below explains methods for maintaining your look for longer.

How to Care for Eyelash Extensions

1. Keep Them Dry

Avoid moisture whenever possible after application. If, however, you're planning to spend time in a place that is warm and humid, such as a sauna, wait at least a couple of days. The heat in the room can loosen the adhesive bonding and cause early separation. If you do happen to be in a warm space, avoid touching the lashes to give them the best possible chance to set.

2. Avoid Rich Ingredients and Waterproof Mascaras

eyelash extensionsWhat’s in your skin care products? Take a peek at the cleansers and moisturizers you use around your eyes. If they contain anything rich, such as oil or glycerin, swap them for something lighter and less likely to aggravate the adhesive. Waterproof mascaras also have ingredients that can break down the adhesives on your lashes, making them fall out more quickly. 

3. Eat Healthy Foods

Revitalizing your skin and hair with a healthy diet will also protect the condition of your natural eyelashes and, therefore, the extensions. Choose foods rich in vitamins B and D, such as salmon, eggs, beans, and cheese as a part of a well-rounded diet.

4. Remove Any Makeup

It can be tempting to fall asleep without washing your face at the end of a long day. Doing so, however, can cause your eyelash extensions to become dry and brittle, and the hairs to prematurely fall out. Again, avoid waterproof mascaras for longer lasting results. 


Whether it’s your first time getting eyelash extensions or you’re coming back for a fresh lash set, trust the experts at Contoured Ink Studio & Beauty Bar in Littleton, CO. Serving the Denver area, the affordable beauty bar takes pride in making your eyes pop with their professional lashes. These semi-permanent extensions take roughly two to three hours to apply and leave your lashes looking full and natural. To learn more about this or their other services, including microblading and saline tattoo removal, visit the website. Or call (303) 994-9439 to make an appointment.

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