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3 Potential Reasons Your Car Engine Stopped Working January 14, 2019

Kalispell, Flathead
3 Potential Reasons Your Car Engine Stopped Working, Kalispell, Montana

The engine is like the heart of your vehicle. From the chemical reaction between fuel and air to how much gas is in the tank, several factors impact engine efficiency. If you find the car won’t start, below are common issues an engine repair specialist might need to address. 

3 Common Explanations for Engine Failure

1. Fuel Filter Blocked With Debris

The fuel filter keeps dirt, rust particles, and other debris out of the gasoline, so it doesn’t clog the fuel line. In the case of a blocked filter, gasoline can’t travel to the engine.

After remedying the issue, an engine repair specialist will recommend periodic fuel filter replacement, preventing future blockages. An auto repair specialist will also check the condition of the filter and fuel line during a routine oil change every 3,000 to 7,500 miles driven.  

2. Car Battery Is Dead

Kalispell-Montana-engine-repairSeveral factors can compromise the quality of the car battery. Although the battery is rechargeable, it will lose its voltage capacity over time. Replace your battery every three to five years. Apart from age, weather can also impact the battery. It loses its strength in frigid conditions, which is why battery-related problems are common in winter. The summer heat also places a strain on the part, exacerbating pre-existing issues. Having an engine repair specialist replace the device should correct no-start concerns.  

3. Alternator Has Failed

The car battery works with the alternator to supply the car with electricity. It continuously restores the power from the battery to ensure the car doesn’t run out. If the alternator stops working, there’s no way to regain the power drained from the battery, which means there isn’t enough energy to keep the engine running. When it’s cold, the rubber belt that drives the alternator can stick, causing strain and potential damage to the part. 


If you are experiencing engine troubles or additional car problems, contact the team at Kalispell Alignment & Auto Repair. Based in Montana, the ASE-certified mechanics will provide car diagnostics to correctly identify the underlying issue and effective repairs to restore vehicle performance. They will also share advice on how to interpret the signs your car needs professional service. To schedule engine repair, replacement, or additional auto work in the Kalispell area, call (406) 755-0234. Visit the technicians online for a list of car care solutions they provide and Facebook to read what clients have to say about their work.   

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