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How to Spot Split Ends January 18, 2019

Seymour, New Haven County
How to Spot Split Ends, Seymour, Connecticut

Many men and women with a passion for beauty attend hair school to achieve their cosmetology license and start an exciting career in the field. While attending beauty school, they’ll study how to maintain healthy hair and identify issues such as split ends. Below are a few signs hair school attendees use to spot split ends. 

3 Ways to Identify Split Ends

1. Change in Hair Texture

Hair SchoolHealthy hair should have a natural shine and moisture. When the ends of individual hair strands split in two, it generally occurs due to added dryness. A texture change, coupled with increased frizz, is a sign that you have split ends and should schedule an appointment with a stylist to prevent further breakage. 

2. Difficulty Styling Your Hair

Beyond cutting hair, a major component of hair school is learning to style hair in various ways, from loose curls to intricate up-dos. Students often discover that split ends make the styling process more difficult. This is because strands are dry and in turn, harder to manage and unable to hold volume. 

3. Thinning Hair at the Ends

While many stylists add texture to hair by thinning it out in certain areas, it’s important for every individual to inspect their ends. If the ends of your hair seem dry and you can find white dots or actual breakage, a trim is needed to remove these dry portions. By trimming away your split ends, your hair will look healthier, and styling will become easier.



Oxford Academy of Hair Design, based in the heart of Seymour, CT, is a leading hair school in the state. If you’re interested in starting an exciting and lucrative career within the beauty industry, call today at (203) 286-4533 to discuss enrollment. For more information on acquiring your cosmetology license and this beauty school’s hands-on approach to training creative and on-trend stylists, visit their website

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