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3 Common Winter Car Repairs January 11, 2019

Andrews, Andrews
3 Common Winter Car Repairs, Andrews, Texas

Every season of the year has distinct challenges for automobile drivers, and winter is no exception. The difficulties that drivers face in the winter emerge from environmental factors, such as road salt. Freezing temperatures can create problems that will take professional car repairs to fix. Below are three potential issues and some ways they can be remedied.

Common Car Repairs Needed in the Winter Months

1. Metal Corrosion

During the winter, many vehicles suffer from rust eating away their metal frames and undercarriages. This is largely the result of road salt. Although it’s useful for reducing the amount of snow and ice on the roadways, it can wreak havoc on cars, particularly older ones. Fortunately, auto mechanics can help prevent and reverse this issue by grinding away existing rust and applying protective coats of paint to keep new rust from forming.

2. Dead Batteries

car repairBatteries tend to die the most during winter. Low temperatures inhibit a battery’s function, slowing down the chemical reactions that allow it to generate electricity. Cold engines also require more power to start than warm ones do, so the battery will have to work harder in these conditions. To determine whether you need to purchase a new battery, take the problematic unit to an auto maintenance shop and get it load-tested to see whether it has any use left in it.

3. Frozen Fuel Lines

When temperatures get cold enough, the water vapor in a fuel line can freeze, which blocks fuel from reaching the engine. This stops the vehicle from running, leaving drivers stranded. When this happens, take the car into a warm garage, as a mechanic can speed up the vapor thawing process. To prevent this from occurring in the first place, keep your gas tank close to full during the winter. This will leave less room for water vapor, reducing the chance of freezing.



Whether you have a rusting vehicle or an engine that won’t start, the team at B&L Auto Diesel in Andrews, TX, can perform the car repairs you need. Their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau® reflects a commitment to quality, whether you need a simple oil change or complicated engine maintenance. Learn more about their services today by visiting them online or call (432)523-3480 to schedule a service. 

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