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Why Does the Tire Pressure Light Turn on When It's Cold? January 11, 2019

Cookeville, Putnam
Why Does the Tire Pressure Light Turn on When It's Cold? , Cookeville, Tennessee

One of the most common issues drivers experience in the winter is an illuminated tire pressure light. In some situations, there may be a slow leak or small puncture present, but the majority of the time, the issue is brought on by a drop in temperatures. Here’s a closer look at the effects of cold weather and how to combat it.

A Guide to Winter Tire Pressure

What Happens

Low temperatures result in evaporation and air molecule compaction, which shrinks the air volume within the tire. As the air becomes denser, they lose pressure and deflate slightly to trigger the sensor. After a few minutes on the road, the air typically warms up and expands as a result of road friction, turning off the light. But that doesn't mean you should ignore the sensor.

Low pressure poses serious consequences. Underinflated equipment results in more contact between the tires and the road. Over time, this situation increases the rate of wear and tear, which raises your risks of flats and blowouts. 

What to Do About It

tiresPressure needs to be tested on a monthly basis to ensure adequate inflation. Once the sensor light turns on, visit your local auto repair shop to inspect for damage and top off the air level. You may also want to schedule a visit in late fall or winter to have the tires slightly over-inflated to counteract the impending pressure loss.

If you typically park outside, consider utilizing your garage during the winter months. The temperature fluctuations are less severe in enclosed spaces, making it easier to maintain inflation levels.


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