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What You Should Know About Infectious Diseases January 11, 2019

What You Should Know About Infectious Diseases, Stayton, Oregon

Infectious disease management is an important part of specialized care. Knowledge of common infectious diseases is crucial in this case, as it empowers the average person to steer clear of serious illnesses and medical conditions. Follow the information below to keep you and your loved ones safe from contracting an infectious disease.

3 Common Infectious Diseases: What You Need to Know


While treatment of HIV/AIDS has come a long way in recent years, this virus can still have a serious impact on those infected. HIV attacks your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to severe illness and can eventually develop into AIDS. HIV is spread via transmission of bodily fluids (including blood and sexual fluids), which can happen during sex, IV drug use, or as a result of getting infected fluids in an open sore or wound. While it can’t be cured, medications slow the progress of HIV greatly. There is also pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), which reduces your chance of acquiring the virus via sex.

2. Hepatitis

Hepatitis A is most often acquired via contaminated food or by close contact with an infected individual. Most people recover from Hepatitis A without the need for specialized care. Hepatitis B and C tend to cause more severe illness, however. Hepatitis B is contracted through sex or needle sharing but can also be passed on from a mother to her child. Hepatitis C is usually acquired as a result of sharing needles for IV drug use. Medication is often used to treat chronic Hepatitis B and C, although severe liver damage may require dialysis or even a transplant.  

3. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

specialized careMRSA is an infection that is resistant to common antibiotics. It’s usually acquired within a healthcare setting, such as a hospital or primary care clinic, but can also be found in childcare centers, gyms/locker rooms, and any living environments that are overly crowded. It’s characterized by swollen red bumps on the skin that are often filled with pus. Without treatment, an abscess will form, which is dangerous and even life-threatening in some cases. Specialized care is crucial if you suspect an MRSA infection. Your doctor will drain and sterilize the wound and monitor the situation to prevent the infection from spreading.


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