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5 Rideshare Tips for Seniors Without a Car January 11, 2019

Garden Hills, Atlanta
5 Rideshare Tips for Seniors Without a Car, Atlanta, Georgia

If you don’t have access to a car and public transportation isn’t preferable for your active senior living situation, rideshare services such as Lyft, Uber, or Hitch are a great option. Whether you need a ride for errands or for getting to a doctor’s appointment, these car services are reliable, affordable, and easy to book. Below are five tips for using a rideshare service to get where you want to be.

How Seniors Can Use Rideshare Services

1. Use Rideshare Portals

You don’t need a smartphone or an account to utilize rideshare services. Many senior living facilities have partnered with companies like Uber to set up easy-to-use platforms for booking and paying for rides. For older passengers who don’t want or need the latest technology, this centralized portal lets you take advantage of the service without having to buy new devices or even maintain a personal account.

2. Ask Family & Friends

senior livingIf a centralized platform is unavailable or you need to book a ride from a location outside of your senior living complex, rideshare apps allow loved ones to do the setup for you. A friend or family member can request the ride, and the rider will receive pertinent information such as what kind of vehicle and the driver’s contact number to make communication easier.

3. Sync up Your Schedule

For seniors who do use smartphones, rideshare companies have a calendar feature in their app so that riders can sync their weekly schedule. Booking rides is quicker, and the process of setting up service for regular errands and events is much easier. You can also save favorites, such as the supermarket or doctor’s office, so they’re bookmarked for future trips.

4. Use Safe Payment Services

Protecting personal financial information is vital, and popular companies such as Uber and Lyft allow riders to pay for their services via protected channels such as PayPal or Apple Pay. There’s no need to carry cash, and you don’t have to worry about credit card or banking information being exposed.

5. Mark Your Location

When you begin your ride, you can update your status from the app on your phone so that anyone waiting for you will know exactly where you are. This gives them an idea of your estimated time of arrival and other important information to ensure you get to your destination safely.


At Cathedral Towers, active seniors enjoy a well-maintained, clean, vibrant senior living environment in the heart of Atlanta, GA, complete with amenities and beautiful gardens. This independent housing complex also offers exciting activities and trips for their residents, such as shopping, hiking, and entertainment. For an appointment to view units, call (404) 231-3020 or visit their Facebook for a look at upcoming events.

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