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Senior Care With Visiting Angels Means Helping Your Loved One Maintain an Active Body & Mind May 13, 2014

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Senior Care With Visiting Angels Means Helping Your Loved One Maintain an Active Body & Mind, St. George, Utah

Keeping a sharp, active mind as we age is incredibly important. Millions of Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia-related illnesses as they age. While a cure for these diseases is not yet available, there are steps seniors and their loved ones can take to slow or even reverse the effects of dementia as they age. Visiting Angels provides in-home care to seniors and families across the country. In St. George, a team of experienced and highly trained caregivers offer the full range of home care services, from meal prep to Alzheimer’s care.

As a company dedicated to helping seniors age with dignity and maintain independence, Visiting Angels takes a great interest in the latest research on aging. Recently, Dr. Denise Park, a neuroscientist at the University of Texas in Dallas, conducted a study that looked at the benefits of the newly popular computerized brain games versus the benefits of learning a new skill or challenging hobby (National Public Radio).

After randomly assigning 200 seniors to different activities, some of whom learned digital photography and others quilting, Dr. Park found that not all activities have the same advantages when it comes to memory improvement and mental acuity. She found that only people who learned a new skill had significant gains, conclusions which were published in the journal of Psychological Science. With participants who have witnessed their spouses and relatives struggle with dementia, they embraced the challenge and felt the impacts of learning a new skill on their memory.

Learning a new skill strengthens the connectivity between large-scale brain networks, and can have the incredible impact of deferring cognitive aging by several years. Overall, Dr. Park and her colleagues found that challenging the body and the mind as you age is the best way to boost memory. When family caregivers are unable to provide the level of care necessary to keep their loved ones active, Visiting Angels home care services will step in and offer the senior companionship and care necessary to keep your loved one’s mind and body active and independent, effectively helping to reduce the risk of memory loss and dementia-related illness.

To find out how senior care services in St. George can help your loved one maintain their independence and stay active as they age, call Visiting Angels at (435) 674-3434.

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