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3 Time Management Tips for Parents Attending Trade School January 18, 2019

Long Island City, Queens
3 Time Management Tips for Parents Attending Trade School, Queens, New York

Trade school represents an amazing opportunity to gain valuable skills and find better-paying employment. When you have kids and a job, though, time can get tight as you try to fulfill all of your major responsibilities. Here’s a guide to how you can manage your time efficiently to ensure you get everything done and keep your goals within sight. 

How Parents Can Manage Their Time Better When in Trade School

1. Cook for the Week

Especially if the trade school has night classes, it can be next to impossible for a working parent to find time to cook during the week. Instead of scrambling to throw together meals constantly at the last minute, use the weekend to cook for the week. Choose a meal that your family loves and make it in larger portions so there will be enough for a few nights during the week. With the time you save, you’ll have more of an opportunity to focus on your studies. 

2. Create Schedule Blocks

trade schoolWhen you have so many different responsibilities pulling you in different directions, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by what you should do first or when. Before the week begins, take out a calendar and carve out blocks of time for each area of your life. Designate time for homework and studying, spending time with the kids, and anything else on your agenda. By making a clear plan ahead of time, all you’ll have to do during the week is follow your schedule rather than waste time and energy constantly reevaluating what you should be doing. 

3. Seek Help

Going to trade school while raising children and holding down a job is not easy. Trying to do everything yourself can lead to burnout if you’re not careful. One way of avoiding being overwhelmed is to occasionally ask for help from family and friends. Whether it’s a grandparent coming to watch the kids or a fellow parent hosting a sleepover for your kids with theirs, having one of these mini-breaks every once in a while will keep you fresh for all your tasks and responsibilities. 


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