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Ohio's 2019 Child Support Law Update January 4, 2019

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Ohio's 2019 Child Support Law Update, Granville, Ohio


Ohio’s child support law has been updated for the first time in Twenty-five years.  The updated law will go into effect on March 28, 2019.  If you are currently paying or receiving child support you will want to track the upcoming changes to decide whether a child support modification is beneficial for you.

The major changes in the new law are:

  1. Updated Economic Table.  the new law has updated the economic tables from the previous law to change how individual support obligations are determined.  The new law does away with the previous $150,000 combined income cap, and doubles that number to $300,000.
  1. Automatic Deviation. The new law creates an automatic 10% reduction in child support for obligors who maintain a parenting time order where they receive 90 nights or more of parenting time.
  1. Capped Child Care Expenses.  The amount of work related private childcare expenses attributable to child support obligation will be capped based on the state average.  Therefore, if an unreasonable private daycare expense increases your child support obligation, you could benefit from the new law.
  1. Multiple Child Support Orders.  The new law creates a standard deduction within the child support calculation for those who are subject to more than one child support obligation.
  1. Creates Self-Sufficiency Reserve.  The March update will create a self-sufficiency reserve equal to 150% of the federal poverty level to protect those who are overcome by the financial burden of their child support obligations.

The important message is that the new law will not affect you automatically.  Those who are subject to a child support obligation must take action to have their current orders reviewed by a Magistrate or Judge.  Please contact Vernau Law LLC by phone at (740)587-2637 or web at to have an experienced child support attorney evaluate the implications the new law will have on your current order.

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