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How to Recognize & Treat a Dog’s Twisted Stomach January 11, 2019

San Marcos, Hays
 How to Recognize & Treat a Dog’s Twisted Stomach, San Marcos, Texas

A twisted stomach is a painful and sometimes fatal condition that dogs may develop, and because they hide discomfort so well, it isn’t always easy to see warning signs. It’s imperative to recognize them so that you can seek treatment from a pet care professional. Education is a crucial part of your dog’s health, and you’ll find everything you need to know about a twisted stomach below.

Your Guide to a Dog’s Twisted Stomach

What Is a Twisted Stomach?

pet careA twisted stomach, known as gastric dilation-volvulus, occurs when your dog’s stomach fills with air, fluid, or food and puts stress on the diaphragm. Once the stomach is light enough, it may rotate or twist, cutting off blood flow. Suspected causes include eating a single large meal each day, eating too quickly, playing too much after meals, and stress.

What Are the Symptoms?

Bloating occurs quickly, and initial symptoms include restlessness, excessive drooling, dry-heaving, and a swollen stomach. Your dog may also look at their stomach frequently trying to detect the cause of discomfort. As the issue worsens, they may show shortness of breath, fatigue, have a rapid heartbeat, and even collapse.

How Is It Treated?

Initially, a pet care professional will put your dog to sleep and use a tube to release the gas or fluids. If it’s blocked by a twisted stomach, they may make a small incision in the stomach to alleviate bloating, performing emergency surgery only if required. To prevent bloating, keep your pet hydrated and feed them small meals throughout the day. Exercise and activity should be limited right after eating, and you should consult with a veterinarian if you have any concerns.


The pet care team at Animal Care Center of Hays County is committed to ensuring animals throughout San Marcos, TX, are happy and healthy. Their specialists treat pets of every age and offer services ranging from diagnostic and surgical procedures to general pet dental care and vaccinations. Visit them online to learn more about their pet care services or call (512) 754-6333 to schedule a wellness checkup.

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