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When Do Your Kids Need Their Own Auto Insurance Policy? January 11, 2019

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When Do Your Kids Need Their Own Auto Insurance Policy?, Boerne, Texas

When your kid starts driving, it’s normal to have them listed on your auto insurance policy, especially if they use your vehicles. Eventually, though, they’ll get a car of their own or move away, in which case they’ll need personal coverage. Knowing when your kids should get their own auto insurance policy will ensure they’re protected if they get into an accident.

When Should Your Kids Get Their Own Car Insurance?

Their Driving Record Isn’t Perfect

Insurance companies know that teen drivers cause a disproportionate number of auto accidents, so their rates are often significantly higher. If your teen has more than one or two speeding tickets or has already been in an accident, their insurance premiums will be even higher. You should consider taking them off your policy when you no longer consider them a dependent.

They Get Their Own Car

auto insuranceHaving a vehicle title in their name means your child will need an insurance policy to match. If they bought their car themselves, you can only keep them on your policy if they’re under 18 or you’re listed as a co-owner on the car.

Your Kid Moves Away

Eventually, your children will want to move away and start building a life of their own. Part of this independence is buying renter’s and auto insurance policies. This starts them on the path for establishing their credit history. However, if they’ve gone to college 100 miles away and didn’t take a car, your insurer will let you keep them on the policy until they graduate or buy a vehicle of their own.


No two families are exactly alike, so you need an auto insurance policy tailored to your unique needs. As an independent agency, Michael E Glick Insurance in Boerne, TX, offers personalized solutions to families throughout the area, with options from several of the leading carriers in the industry. Visit their website for more on their auto insurance services, get more tips on Twitter, or call (830) 816-9488 to schedule a free policy review and request a no-obligation quote today.

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