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How Are Businesses Responsible for Visitor Safety? January 11, 2019

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How Are Businesses Responsible for Visitor Safety?, Honolulu, Hawaii

Every business that welcomes customers or colleagues onto the property is responsible for their safety, even if the company rents the building in which it operates. If someone is injured on the business’s property, they could pursue a personal injury claim. The following information outlines what obligations a business should meet to keep their property safe.

3 Ways Businesses Are Accountable for Visitor Safety

1. Maintain Outdoor Areas

Customers tripping over broken, cracked concrete in parking lots is among the most common causes of personal injury claims. Direct sunlight and heavy rain can quickly cause cracks and potholes in asphalt surfaces, so businesses in states like Hawaii are especially vulnerable. A business owner should have the asphalt resealed on a regular basis to provide a safe environment for everyone on the property. Sidewalks, stairs, and walkways should also be well-maintained, with any damage repaired promptly.

2. Ensure Employees Are Properly Trained

personal injury claimBusiness owners are legally liable for the actions of their employees, even when they fail to follow company policy. Companies need to train their employees on safety protocols and enforce them. As an example, a business is responsible for cleaning spills and posting proper warning signs if there are slippery conditions.

3. Have the Premises Regularly Inspected

In some cases, damage that goes unnoticed can cause a serious accident — such as a ceiling collapse in an area that has experienced termite damage. In this situation, the employer could be liable for those damages. Businesses should have their commercial properties inspected on a regular basis and need to repair potential hazards. Otherwise, an injured guest could be entitled to a personal injury claim.


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