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3 Ways Electrical Inspections Can Save You Money January 14, 2019

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3 Ways Electrical Inspections Can Save You Money, Apollo, Pennsylvania

If you haven’t updated your electrical wiring in the last few years, you are likely overdue for an electrical inspection. During this process, a certified electrical inspector will review your switches, outlets, fixtures, breakers, and wiring to make sure everything is working as it should and that there are no hidden issues. Here are a few benefits of these inspections.

Why Get an Electrical Inspection?

1. Reduce Risk to Your Property

One common cause of house fires is misplaced or overloaded electrical wires. If a wire carries more electricity than it is designed to handle, it may generate more heat than anticipated. Over time, this excess heat can burn through the wire’s casing and start a fire, damaging your home and leading to expensive repairs. Exposed and misplaced wires can also create sparks and shock people or pets; an inspector can easily identify this issue.

2. Improve Efficiency

Electrical InspectionAn outdated, worn out, or incorrectly installed electrical grid can decrease energy-efficiency in a number of ways. Older, inferior materials can generate extra resistance to an electrical current, while a system with more contacts and connectors than necessary can cause the voltage to drop. During an inspection, an expert will identify issues—such as an overwired panel or wrong-sized wires—and update your system, improving efficiency and lowering your bills.

3. Fix Small Issues

A small electrical wiring issue can turn into a larger future problem, leading to costly repairs. Arrange regular inspections, to catch problems early, while they’re easy and inexpensive to fix. For instance, if one room’s outlets are overloaded, increasing the capacity of the system will prevent future short circuits and damage to appliances.


When you need an electrical inspection, choose TDF Electrical Inspections in Apollo, PA. Serving the Greater Pittsburgh area for over 25 years, they provide 24/7 repairs at a price you can afford. They work hard to ensure accuracy and efficiency and are committed to providing friendly customer service. To schedule an inspection, call (724) 304-1683 or contact them online.

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