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5 Tips to Lift Boxes Safely When Moving January 11, 2019

Makakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, Ewa
5 Tips to Lift Boxes Safely When Moving, Ewa, Hawaii

If you’re packing up to move, you want to avoid injuries during these busy days. Moving boxes and furniture incorrectly can lead to strains, sprains, and falls. To help you avoid these issues, here are the basics on safe, efficient lifting.

How to Properly Pick Up Heavy Items While Moving

1. Don’t Overload Yourself

Even before moving your boxes, set yourself up for success by packing thoughtfully. Use smaller boxes for heavier items like books, and check that the total weight isn’t too much to carry.

2. Get Safe Footing

A heavy box can upset your balance if you slip while lifting, making it harder to catch yourself and more likely that you’ll get hurt. Before you pick up a box, make sure you have your feet planted firmly. Wear sneakers on moving day to protect your feet and increase your grip.

3. Use Your Legs

Instead of bending from the waist, pick up each box by squatting. Then use your legs to push upward, instead of pulling with your arms. Your leg muscles are larger and less likely to tire out or get injured than your arms and back.

4. Keep Your Back Aligned

MovingYour back has a natural curve that you should try to maintain as you lift. Use your core muscles to stay upright, and hold the box close to your body. Don’t lean forward or backward since you may put weight on muscles that are not accustomed to it.

5. Don’t Twist

While you have a box in hand, turn by moving your feet, not your torso. Twisting can engage joints and muscle groups that are not prepared for the weight. Staying centered keeps your strongest muscles on the job and ensures your spine is in its sturdiest upright position.


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