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5 Foods Dentists Say Stain Your Teeth January 11, 2019

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5 Foods Dentists Say Stain Your Teeth, Salisbury, North Carolina

If you want attractive white teeth with healthy enamel, what you eat and drink makes a significant difference. Aside from limiting sugar, you should watch out for foods that contain substances known for staining your teeth. Here are some of the worst offenders your dentist recommends limiting.

Foods to Avoid for White Teeth

1. Soda

Soda is the absolute worst thing you can do to your teeth, and most dentists would prefer you limit your intake or cut it out entirely. Not only is it high in sugar, but the acidity also weakens your dental enamel and makes it more prone to both staining and decay. In addition, many sodas contain dark or brightly colored dyes that remain on the enamel.

2. Tea, Coffee, & Wine

DentistWhile not as bad as soda, these drinks do contain high levels of tannins—chemicals that darken tooth enamel. This includes white wine, despite its lighter color. While it may not be practical to remove your daily mug of coffee or tea from your diet, you should rinse your mouth with water afterward or consider drinking through a straw.

3. Tomato Paste

Tomatoes combine high levels of acid with a bright natural coloration. While this is not usually a problem in fresh tomatoes, it becomes more concentrated in tomato paste. Dishes like pasta sauce that rely on tomato paste commonly stain tooth enamel.

4. Curry

Curry is another example of a food with powerful natural coloration because it usually contains turmeric. Often used in powder form, this spice is bright yellow in color and clings to the tooth enamel, causing noticeable discoloration for those who eat it often.

5. Berries

Berries are notorious for staining clothes, so it should come as no surprise that they can stain teeth as well. Blueberries, cranberries, and blackberries are especially bold and should be countered by rinsing your mouth and drinking milk to neutralize the natural acidity of the fruit.


If your teeth are already stained, talk to your dentist about teeth whitening to correct them. Anderson Dental Group in Mooresville, NC, is pleased to offer this service along with a full range of care from basic dental exams to advanced treatments like dental implants. They offer free consultations and second opinions in Iredell County to help you make the best decisions for your dental care. To schedule an appointment with their dentists, call (704) 663-3300 or send a message online.

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