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5 Bathroom Tile Trends to Inspire You January 17, 2019

Odessa, Ector
5 Bathroom Tile Trends to Inspire You, Odessa, Texas

If you’re building a home or remodeling your bathroom, you want to follow the latest trends for an attractive, modern look. This includes choosing the right bathroom tile to provide a visual accent as well as a durable surface. Here are some of the most popular tile styles this year for you to choose from.

Bathroom Tiles to Get Excited About

1. Printed Patterns

For a decorative look that draws the eye, you can choose any of a wide range of patterned tiles. Some are printed in full color, while others incorporate more simple combinations.

2. Matte

While shiny glazed porcelain tiles were common in the past, modern bathrooms are more likely to use matte options. These create a warmer, more muted look, and also don’t show dirt and grime as clearly.

3. Unusual Shapes

Square tiles are one option, but they are far from your only choice. Hexagonal tiles can create a honeycomb look on your floor or wall, while octagon tiles have a classic, refined look.

4. Neutrals

Bathroom TileIn the past, bathrooms often incorporated warm, yellow-toned materials, but today’s bathrooms opt for neutral black, white, and sometimes gray. Choose white tiles for a clean look, or combine black and white for dramatic accents.

5. Texture

Textured options, including natural stone tiles, are ideal for the bathroom. Not only do they feel comforting underfoot and look distinctive, but they also provide more grip than many of the alternatives when wet, preventing slips and falls.


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