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Introducing Your Kids to Electronics January 11, 2019

Bend, Deschutes
Introducing Your Kids to Electronics, Bend, Oregon

With the prominent place technology now holds in people's daily lives, many parents are understandably concerned about when and how to introduce electronic devices, such as MacBook® laptops or iPhone® devices, to their kids. In some cases, the earlier you do this, the better the results. However, you must put restrictions on their use and follow some other sensible guidelines. 

How to Introduce Electronic Devices to Your Children

1. Let Them Use Hand-me-downs

There is no need to splurge on a brand-new device for your children. You don't have to let them play with your latest purchase. Instead, let them use an old, used iPhone or MacBook. That way, if they drop it, spill juice on it, crack the screen, or otherwise render it unusable, you won't lose important files or information.

2. Supervise All Internet Usage

MacBook in Bend, ORUntil your kids are close to teenagers, it's important you don't simply hand them your MacBook and let them have free rein of the internet. There are many inappropriate sites and people online. When your kids are online, be sure you're with them, supervising the websites they access and the interactions they have with others.

3. Choose Educational Apps

The Apple Store® is filled with terrific, free, educational content your kids can access with an iPad®. Furthermore, if you're operating a MacBook rather than a handheld device, you can purchase hundreds of other software titles from most department and computer stores that will help your child learn to read, study dinosaurs, develop reasoning skills, and otherwise provide enormous educational benefit.

4. Limit Screen Time

Unrestricted usage can lead to antisocial behavior and a lack of exercise, so limit the amount of time your kids can spend using digital devices. Many parents find that two hours per day is plenty. It allows kids to complete schoolwork and still have time to enjoy games and message friends.


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