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3 Ways to Integrate Decorative Commercial Window Tinting January 11, 2019

Granite City, Madison
3 Ways to Integrate Decorative Commercial Window Tinting , Granite City, Illinois

Commercial window tinting films are wonderful applications for office buildings and other facilities where natural light can pose a problem. Decorative films are available in a variety of finishes and transparencies and require very little maintenance once installed. To learn more about how tinted films can enhance your building, take a look at the list below.

3 Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting Films

1. Glare Reduction

Large, multi-purpose commercial buildings and facilities often have large windows which let in a lot of sunlight. Natural light is a valuable addition to any space where people are confined for extended periods during the day. However, too much sunlight can create glare and affect the productivity and comfort of employees and visitors. Window film reduces glare issues while maintaining the view from the building.

2. Energy Savings

Commercial Window TintingMaintaining a comfortable temperature in commercial buildings can be difficult even with the best HVAC system. Cool drafts of air during colder months are common in large offices or warehouse settings. Window film can act as extra insulation to retain heat during the winter and keep heat out during warmer months. Your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard when decorative films are installed.

3. Add Privacy & Prevent Fading

Decorative films are perfect for rooms or spaces where you want to add privacy. If your commercial building has an open design with glass partitions, instead of traditional doors, installing a decorative film tint can add the right amount of texture, frosting, or opacity to create semi-private cubicles and other areas. Additionally, glass coatings provide fade protection for your office furniture and flooring by blocking UV rays which will prolong the life of the material.


When you’re ready to install decorative commercial window tinting in your building, contact the experts at  Bi-State Glass Coatings in Granite City, IL. Their skilled staff has specialized in commercial and home window tinting since 1987. For additional information about their services, call (618) 451-7346 today or visit them online to learn more about the company.

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