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Children Dentist Recommends 5 Snack Options January 11, 2019

Pearl City, Ewa
Children Dentist Recommends 5 Snack Options, Ewa, Hawaii

If your child is craving a snack, they may be quick to reach for gummy worms, chocolate, potato chips, or some other tasty treat. Although these items are satisfying, the sugars they contain can lead to problems that require professional care from a trusted pediatric dentist, like tooth decay and gum disease. Children dentists recommend many snack alternatives that don’t present these risks and may even protect your kid’s teeth. Here are five options to consider the next time your child is hungry for a small bite.

5 Foods That Are Good for Your Kid’s Teeth

1. Apples

Whether enjoyed whole or sliced, apples are sweet and crisp snacks that feature a unique texture perfect for cleaning teeth. When children munch on apples, the fruit stimulates gums and scrubs plaque and food debris from teeth. Chewing an apple also promotes saliva production, which helps neutralize harmful acids in the mouth.

2. String Cheese

This fun dairy treat provides a healthy dose of calcium, a mineral that helps strengthen teeth to reduce the risk of cavities. Like apples, string cheese also offers a consistency that helps scrub buildup away from kids’ teeth and gums.

3. Yogurt

kid's teethYogurt is rich in calcium and features probiotics that neutralize harmful bacteria in the mouth. Plain yogurt may not offer enough flavor for your child, so you might want to mix in nutritious fruits or add a small amount of sugar-free sweeteners, like stevia. If your young one is craving ice cream, blend these ingredients with a few splashes of milk to create a satisfying yogurt fruit smoothie.

4. Celery

If your child is craving something crunchy, celery is an easy and mouth-watering option to consider. While chewing on celery, kids will produce extra saliva to help keep the mouth clean.

5. Nuts

If your child is reaching for chips, opt for nuts as a different kind of salty snack. Chewing on cashews, walnuts, and almonds increases saliva production and scrubs away plaque to improve dental hygiene. Many nuts also feature tooth-strengthening minerals, like phosphorous and calcium.


In addition to making healthy snack choices, protecting your kid’s teeth also requires help from a skilled pediatric dentist. Dr. Paul K. Seo, DDS, at Dentistry for Kids is an experienced professional who can help with your child’s oral care. Located in Pearl City, HI, this kid-friendly dental practice serves the entire island and makes oral exams and routine teeth cleanings a swift and comfortable experience for your child. For more information about this children dentist’s approach to care, visit the clinic online or call (808) 486-8881 to speak with a team member.

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