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How Often Should You Get New Glasses? January 10, 2019

West Hamilton, Hamilton
How Often Should You Get New Glasses?, Hamilton, Ohio

Many people rely on their glasses in every aspect of their life, such as performing at work, driving, and enjoying their favorite activities. Inevitably, glasses become worn from use, and it’s important to understand when it’s time to upgrade. In many cases, vision quality will decrease, letting you know when new glasses are needed, but there are several other factors that could mean it’s time for a new pair.

3 Factors That Affect Your Glasses

1. Everyday Wear & Tear

You might want to upgrade if your glasses have been broken or are scratched and scuffed. Over time, the small screws can become loose, creating an improper fit and making the frames slide down your nose. Scratches on the lenses create a muddled and blurry filter, contributing to poor vision quality. At your next eye exam, ask your eye doctor to assess if you need a new frame, lenses, or both.

2. Ineffective Prescription

glassesIt’s common for your prescription to change over time, due to age and the amount of reading and computer work you do. If you suddenly experience headaches, your eyes might be struggling with an outdated prescription. If this occurs, ask your eye doctor if you need a stronger prescription and to diagnose any changes in your vision. Keep your vision on-hand to take note of how frequently it changes and by how much.

3. Outdated Glasses

Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to make glasses more effective and fashionable. If you notice your glasses are falling behind the trend, it’s best to invest in a new pair. The next time you visit the eye doctor, have fun trying on different frames like colored ones, wire frames, or a chunky style. New technologies, such as multi-purpose and multi-powered lenses, glare and blue light deflection, and more, will all improve how you view the world.


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