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How to Choose the Right Walk-In Freezer for Your Restaurant January 10, 2019

Honolulu, Honolulu
How to Choose the Right Walk-In Freezer for Your Restaurant, Honolulu, Hawaii

With all the decisions that come with making your culinary mark, choosing a walk-in freezer for your restaurant is often the costliest choice to make. Whether you have limited interior space, or can’t decide between a pre-fabricated or built-in model, below is a guide to selecting the right walk-in freezer for your commercial kitchen.

A Guide for Selecting a Walk-In Freezer


A common rule of thumb for walk-in freezers for commercial kitchens, is that one cubic foot of space will hold 28 lbs. of food. The size of your freezer will be determined by the size of the kitchen, whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor unit, and the type of cuisine served. If your commercial kitchen is on the small side, and you butcher meat in-house, a larger outdoor freezer with its own entrance would be ideal. An indoor unit is more suitable to sizable kitchen spaces. Both indoor and outdoor units can be pre-fabricated or custom-built depending on your financial flexibility.


commercial kitchenWalk-in freezers for commercial kitchens require a powerful compressor to keep food frozen. This creates a significant draw of electricity. To limit energy consumption, an interior installation is ideal because it’s sheltered from fluctuating outdoor temperatures that require the compressor to work harder to keep the interior temperature steady. Additionally, it’s helpful to limit the number of times your employees enter and exit the freezer to keep the cold inside.


If cost is your biggest concern for walk-in freezer construction, there are numerous options to ensure you won’t break the bank. The cost of a pre-fabricated unit is clear up front, and costs less to install. They can typically be altered as your business grows and changes, and are less disruptive to place in your commercial kitchen. Built-in units come in unlimited sizes that can be customized to your exact needs, but are more costly to install and cannot be altered as easily later on. Lastly, outdoor walk-in freezers are frequently more expensive to maintain, because security and withstanding the elements as a free-standing structure must be addressed.


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