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3 Questions to Ask a Snow Removal Contractor Before Hiring Them January 11, 2019

Dutchtown, Rochester
3 Questions to Ask a Snow Removal Contractor Before Hiring Them, Rochester, New York

While the winter months bring many companies more business due to the holidays, they can also present issues, such as icy or snowy parking lots. To keep your property and parking lot safe, you’ll need to hire a snow plowing contractor to clear the way for your customers. When searching for a company that can get the job done quickly and efficiently, ask the following questions.

Your Guide to Choosing a Snow Removal Contractor

1. What Is Your Snow Removal Process Like?

First, it’s important to ensure the particular snow plowing company you’re considering can handle your property’s needs. As you vet them, ask the company to describe their typical commercial process—do they use snow shovels or do they use heavy-duty snow plows? If, for example, you run a store that sells food or other products that are needed on a constant basis, you’ll want to work with a contractor who can remove the snow right away.

2. How Long Does It Take?

snow plowingIt’s crucial to find out how long it will take the snow removal contractor to clear your property of snow, as you won’t want to lose business due to your parking lot being inaccessible. They should be able to calculate the time based on the average speed of their team and machinery, as well as the size of your lot. 

3. How Much Snow Warrants Service?

Finally, ask your prospective snow plowing contractor how much snowfall is necessary for them to come. If you don’t need service right away, you may be fine with a company that springs to action only after a substantial amount of snowfall. However, if you need service after a couple of inches, you’ll want to seek out a contractor who will come for even the slightest bit of snow. 


If you need a reliable commercial snow plowing contractor in Monroe County, NY, get in touch with Manel Sealers. In addition to making your lot safer for customers and pedestrians during the snowy months, they can also seal, paint, or repair your asphalt throughout the year. For more information about their services, visit the website. You can also call (585) 865-7325 to schedule an appointment.

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