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3 Top Industrial Uses of Diesel January 17, 2019

Honolulu, Honolulu
3 Top Industrial Uses of Diesel, Honolulu, Hawaii

Diesel accounts for about 21% of U.S. transportation fuel, powering trucks with large engines, boats, and public buses, but there are several industries that rely on this fuel to facilitate essential operations. Since it offers more energy density than most other liquid fuel sources, it’s especially important in industrial settings where high powered equipment is used. Here are some of the top industries that rely on diesel fuel as a major energy source.

What Industries Use Diesel Energy?

1. Construction

Large construction equipment requires a lot of power to run. Everything from mobile machinery to backup generators may use diesel fuel. Generators are essential for preventing interruptions and keeping projects on a strict timeline. Additionally, since oversized equipment may not be approved for road transport, diesel fuel delivery may be necessary for keeping their tanks topped off.

2. Manufacturing

dieselIn the manufacturing industry, any sort of power interruption leads to production errors or backed up timelines. However, generators powered by diesel fuel can prevent a full loss of power at factories or manufacturing facilities.

3. Mining

Mining operations require heavy duty equipment to drill and excavate the earth effectively. Drills, earth movers, excavators, and generators used for mining mainly rely on diesel fuel power. Most of these pieces of equipment remain at the mining site, since they’re too large to transport regularly on public roads, so bulk fuel delivery is often required.


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